As I mentioned previously, our online basic-training program provides your front office reps and managers with the training necessary to get patients scheduling out their appointments and arriving as scheduled.

Here is what you will receive with this training:

  • Front office reps / managers will be trained on the expected products of the front desk and will be able to identify what actions, when completed, have an effect on their products.
  • They will track and record specific front office data and utilize graphs to evaluate their effectiveness.
  • The front office reps will learn how to increase patient arrivals through simple systems and objection handling. This will include identifying patient objections and utilizing specific scripts to maintain control of the situation.
  • We will cover patient scheduling and how to ensure that patients schedule their plan of care as written by the provider.
  • We will cover the importance of having a cancellation policy and utilizing it appropriately to prevent cancellations and no-shows. The front office rep will learn the best way to handle the patient from start to finish.
  • I will work with you and your office manager to create a working checklist of actions for each front office staff member so there is increased efficiency and action completion.
  • Your staff (and you can be there as well) will get one 45 min private consultation per week (for 12 weeks) to ask questions and get extra information on the program – they will have the opportunity to submit questions via email prior to the call. These consultations will be via video chat.

How the program will work:

  • This is a 9-part training series with 12 weeks of consulting
  • There are only 10 spaces available per session and sessions run quarterly.


If you want to see if your clinic would be a good fit for this program, call 703-470-5994 or email me at today to schedule your free consultation.