About Us

Private Practice Administrative Consulting began in late 2016.  My husband and friends gave me the push I needed to take that final leap and my friend Kim Nartker at Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness in Ohio became my first client in the new year.

Currently we offer an online basic-training program for front desk reps and their managers. This program is a 9-part training series which includes 12 weeks of 1-on-1 video consulting to ensure that your staff have learned what they need to improve patient arrival rate and prevent cancellations.

Basic-training offers the platform upon which all other skills and systems can be established and supported. This platform establishes basic practices of the front desk and ensures that they understand the difference in their product and all of the ‘tasks’ they perform throughout their day.

Throughout the 12 weeks, owners and managers will participate in the training to ensure that everyone knows what is expected at the front desk.

Once you have completed the basic-training program, you will have the opportunity to sign up for advanced training. Soon we will also have a recruiting and hiring program available for owners.