Welcome to Private Practice Administrative Consulting (PPAC).  At PPAC, our focus is on personalized consulting and training programs designed to help owners develop a well run, well-organized front office in their private practice.

Our personal goal is to ensure the success of your private practice by training you and your front office staff in the skills needed to run and maintain a highly organized and efficient front office. We also offer programs for owners including our start to finish recruiting and hiring program so you have the qualified staff needed to ensure your front office runs successfully.

Our systems and front office training were developed originally for use in our clinic and these systems created an efficient and well-organized department. Through the continuous use of our specialized training and front office systems, we have been able to maintain a 95% patient arrival rate for over 3.5 years; even during times of staffing changes and clinic growth.

We have created a full training line up for you and your front office staff to ensure that they can run their department and handle patient objections.

Are you interested in helping your front desk achieve 95% arrival rate week after week? Check out our 9-part basic training program and contact us today to see if you would be a good fit for our program.


“For years we have not been able to control our late (same-day) cancellations and no show visits.  This was costing my practices tens of thousands of dollars a year and making it extremely difficult to know how much staff we needed.  After starting with PPAC we were able to show a dramatic turnaround is just a few weeks!

For example:  Fridays were traditionally a poor day for patients to attend their scheduled visits.  We often referred to this as the “Friday Flu.”  After just 4 weeks with PPAC we had our first Friday with no cancellations or no shows.  All 46 people who had appointments showed up!  Thank you PPAC!”

– Brandon Hepner, MPT, Owner of Run Run Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists, Utah

We had no cancellations or no-shows!

“Dee has great systems that are developed to help a business owner track their growth and stay in top of employees! Her programs are developed in her own PT family practice! These programs will help you to improve your patient attendance! Track metrics with your staff to see who your producers are and who are not!

I am so excited to learn how to track metrics so that I am not constantly micro managing my employees!!!”

– Kim Nartker, PTA, Owner of Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness, OH

Great systems developed in her practice!